Online Personal Fitness Training

What is online-personalized training?

Your exercise plans are tailored to your needs. Created for long lasting results on monthly base, with weekly or bi-weekly adjustments based on your progress. Whether your goal is to gain muscle mass, get stronger, get more grounded, be more flexible, or even sport-specific like running a 5k to a marathon, we got you covered.

Stay accountable with weekly check-ins with your coach.  We'll keep you motivated and positive with our constant support as we follow your progress and keep you on track with in the app. There are many ways to measure progress: It can be you achieving your personal bests, losing inches, gaining muscle mass, running longer, being more energized, etc... We're also available to Skype or do live coaching*. 

  • As a Personal Fitness Trainer, I first meet with you to inquire about your goals and available equipment and facilities you have to work with. This can be done in person, through Skype, or by phone with supplying me some pictures. I first need to conduct a few questions to make sure you are a good participant for personal Fitness training, where I get to know your strengths, weaknesses, limitations, previous injuries, goals, and time commitments.
  • Once all this information is collected, I can start creating workouts for you that are accessible to you using an app on your smartphone (available for IPhone and Android). I program your workout into your calendar in your workout app with descriptions and videos of the exercises along with the specifics of each exercise including frequency, intensity, time, load, and rest periods. To hold you accountable, you can expect messages from me, check-ins to do your resistance and cardio workouts, and track your weight and reps you completed. I am able to monitor whether you completed your workouts or not. 

Who is online personalized training for?

I have worked with the youthful and the experienced, the beginners, intermediates, and advanced, and the couch potatoes and high caliber athletes.  I have trained those that want to workout in the comfort of their own home, or those that use a fitness facility. I am flexible to accommodate your needs and goals. 

Is personal Fitness training a quick fix?

In order for you to reach your goals, you should be thinking about lifestyle changes in both your physical activity levels, nutrition, sleep, water intake, and positive mindset. Staying focused on your goals will help you steer your ship away from those icebergs, and towards your destination. It is a journey, it takes at least 6 weeks to start forming a habit and another 6 week to solidify those habits. Plan to spend a good 12 weeks working on your goals, and re-evaluate at that time.

Why wait any longer for long-term lifestyle changing results with Personal Fitness Trainer Stephanie Shewchuk.   See Subscribe button below to inquire, be contacted, and/or start online training.

Personal Fitness Training

Benefits of choosing to train with a Fitness Professional

You get much quicker results. 

It's much more effective and efficient.

You get solid, consistent, unwavering support.

You join the winners who have
experienced successes from coaching.

You are ahead of those
who try to do it alone.

“Not only does your coach keep you motivated and accountable, she also keep your workouts from being mundane and non-stimulating. Workouts should be challenging and rewarding. Inspiring you to want to leap to your next goal and develop your own self-discipline and motivation to progress. ”

- Stephanie Shewchuk

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