Fitness Niche presents Beach Bootcamps in Kitsilano & Vancouver

Beach Bootcamps are a fun way to get a workout in and play in the sand. Designed to use nature to challenge your fitness level. Bootcamps incorporate muscular endurance exercises, cardiovascular exercises, and various types of locomotor skills to challenge your fitness level and health. If you want to take advantage of your day, opt for a morning beach bootcamp.
We are social-distancing conscious and all group members will be keeping at least 6 ft apart.
Whether you are an individual who would like to join a bootcamp or want to find 6 friends who want to participate with you at your desired time slot, talk to Stephanie Shewchuk and she can accommodate and work with you.

Fitness Niche Kitsilano & Vancouver Beach Bootcamp

Personal Fitness Training

Fitness Niche Kitsilano Beach Bootcamp

Kitsilano Beach Park

Beach Bootcamps on Kitsilano Beach will be sure to challenge, be fun, and work up a sweat. 1-Hour sweat session designed to burn calories

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