How to get Back on your Active Feet after Pregnancy and Covid-19?

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If you have caught yourself making up stories up about yourself in your head that go something like this:

The reason why I can not start today, is that I am too busy?  

I would question to ask you? Are you really too busy? Is it possible that something that you are busy with could be of a lesser priority then maybe your health? Maybe those dishes can wait until tomorrow?

The reason why I haven't gotten started, is that I can't find a babysitter? 

I would question to ask you? Is their a possibility that you could find a way to workout with your child? or while they nap or are pre-occupied ?

The reason why I cannot get started, is that I do not know what to do? or I don't have a gym membership? 

I would question to ask you, Have you considered an in-home personal trainer who comes right to you or an online trainer who programs your workouts for you. Who spends the time to understand your workout space and available equipment to incorporate into your workout, your goals, your barriers, and challenges you to become more consistent and persistent so you can tone and tighten your muscles, lose fat and inches, and help you accomplish all your health and fitness goals?

The reason why I cannot workout is I cannot afford it?

I would question whether you have a spending problem? Most people on average spend some money each month on non-essentials. If one of your goals is to lose weight and you can still afford to each out, maybe re-establishing your values and voting with your dollars what is a better long-term investment in your health?  Spending the money on fast foods, coffees, drinks, or fancy restaurants or feeling comfortable in your skin, feeling sexy in that dress, and just feeling confident and happy. What's that worth to you?  Figure out what your values are? If you think health is more important than entertainment, I would encourage you to invest that money in learning and achieving your goals!

Well, Did you just wrote this article to try to sell me personal training?

I would question why would a personal trainer want to encourage you to get healthy?  Why would a trainer be more invested in your health than you? That she is willing to go out on a limb, provide some perspective on how you can live your best life? Your current thinking got you where you are at! Adopted the mindset of a trainer can help you re-program the way you think about your body, health, fitness, creating habits, healthy eating and living, and active lifestyles.  As a trainer, I want what's best for you, if that means our paths cross and I am able to help you accomplish your goals and dreams, thank you in advance. I encourage to find a trainer that is honest and cares for you! One that could grow into a friend! Wishing you an amazing journey of fitness.

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