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Fitness Niche can accommodate everyone from novice to competitive athletes, people recovering from injury or medical conditions, or someone simply looking to improve their overall health.

Nutrition Coaching

The right macronutrients (proteins, fat, carbs) ratios to optimize your health while helping you reach your goal.  Revised on a monthly or bi-weekly, you will learn how to make good balanced and healthy meals with little or no restrictions (we're not fans of diets!).  You're lactose or gluten intolerant, you have allergies, you're vegan or a carnivorous individual, no worries, we can help.


Fitness Niche impresses with it’s next-level personal training. We work 1:1 with clients, not 20:1 like group classes. We can also offer 2:1 training because working out with a spouse/friend/coworker adds another layer of accountability and commitment.

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